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Welcome to Our Practice

Regardless of your age, braces can have a profound effect on your appearance, oral health and self-esteem. Our Orthodontist in Calgary, Dr. Kelly Brooke understands the joy that comes from being able to smile with confidence.  

Latest Techniques

Utilizing current treatment technologies and methods, our objective is to shape our patient’s personal image by creating beautiful smiles and improving their oral health.

Innovative Technology

SmileView is able to generate a visual of what your teeth will look like at the end of orthodontic treatment! “See Your Smile in 45 seconds”.  

Certified Experts

Together with my team of orthodontic professionals, we provide our patients specialized orthodontic services in a respectful friendly environment.

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Dr. Brooke Knows Best


This occurs when the upper teeth are located too far front of the lower teeth.


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw protrudes beyound the upper jaw, causing the front lower teeth to overlap the front top teeth.


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth don’t come down slightly in front of the lower teeth as they should.


Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough space for the teeth to fit properly within the jaws. Signs of crowding are teeth that are twisted and displaced.

Excess Spacing

This occurs when there is too much space in between the teeth, creating a gap.

Open Bite

This occurs when some of the top and bottom teeth don’t meet when biting.

Midline misalignment

This occurs when the middle of your upper front teeth doesn’t align with the middle of your lower front teeth.

Our Team

At Brooke Orthodontics, we believe that no single attribute affects your appearance and self-confidence more than your smile.When you visit our family-friendly pratice, we take the time to get to know you, and provide orthodontic care tailored to meet your needs. We look forward to helping you improve your smile!

Dr. Kelly Brooke

Dr. Kelly Brooke

Specialist in Orthodontics

Marya Fredette

Marya Fredette

Business Development

Erin Gustafson

Erin Gustafson

Registered Dental Assistant

Sara Vanderveen

Sara Vanderveen

Treatment Coordinator

Marie-Josée Carreau

Marie-Josée Carreau


Dental Care for The Whole Family

Dr. Kelly Brooke, along with the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, recommend that children receive their first orthodontics screening by age seven. By this age, Dr. Brooke will be able to clearly recognize potential issues and correct them before they transform into more serious problems.


Adult Care


Teen Care


Child Care

A parents guide to orthodontics

Thinking about your child and wheter orthodontic treatment might be needed at some point? You’ve come to the right place. Orthodontic treatment can be a very important part of your child’s oral health care. Teeth that work together make it possible to bite and chew properly, and contribute to clear speech. Teeth that function well tend to have a pleasing appearance. The beautiful smile that results from orthodontic treatment is the outward sign of good oral health, and sets the stage for overall well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral from my dentist to see the orthodontist for a consultation?

No, you do not need a referral from a dentist. While many of our patients are referred to us by their family dentist, some people are recommended by family or friends. Other times, a person may have moved from another city and they need a new orthodontist. Some adults come to see us because they have malocclusion or a “bad bite” and they feel that orthodontics will resolve the problem. 

Can adults get braces or is it too late?

Yes, adults can get braces as well. More and more adults today are seeking the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. In fact, 40% of all our center’s patients are over the age of 21.

What type of treatments you offer adults?

We offer Invisalign and Damon braces, as an alternative to the traditional braces.

How much will the braces cost?Which financing options you offer?

The cost for braces and other Orthodontic treatments depend on the complexity of the correction. We will explain the exact fees and financial options during the initial consultation. We have many financing options available to accommodate your needs, and we will review them together. We can also help you review your insurance policy to help maximize your particular group benefits and file you claim.

Wearing braces is like using the retainer?

Not exactly. Retainers are used during the second part of the treatment. At this time, you will be required to visit our clinic for periodic follow up visits in an effort to reduce the risk of orthodontic relapse. In general, a minor correction could take 4-6 months, whereas a more involved correction could take 12-30 months. Treatment times are often affected by patient compliance and oral hygiene.

How do I schedule an appointment for an initial consultation?

To set up your consultation with the Orthodontist, Dr. Brooke, you can contact us directly at 403-278-1933, send us an email or fill an Appointment Request form.

Do braces hurt?

Generally braces do not hurt, though you’ll feel you have a foreign object in your mouth. It will take about a week to get used to the braces. The slight discomfort does not interfere with normal day to day activities. We will teach you some methods to combat any discomfort you may experience as a result of your new braces or other orthodontics treatments.

How often will I have appointments?

Appointments will depend on your specific type of treatment. Most patients are seen every 6 to 8 weeks. Towards the end of your treatment visits can become more frequent. In case something happened to your braces or they need to be readjusted, just call our office and we can set up an appointment right away.

“We absolutely loved our experience at Brooke Orthodontics! Dr. Brooke was knowledgeable, honest and patient. All of the staff at the office is amazing as well. I will not hesitate to recommend this place to my family and friends.”

Paulina Richmond

“Amazing staff and welcoming environment! Dr Kelly was so nice and made me feel at ease in the chair! I will definitely recommend and make the drive in from high river any time. Thanks for being so fantastic!”

Alicia Wopereis

” I am a dentist who has worked closely with Dr. Kelly Brooke for more than 10 years now. All of the treatment he has completed for my patients (as well as that of my own son!!) has turned out excellent. He has shown the highest level of professionalism in all of our interactions as well as those of my patients who have seen him. He has a great personality and is easy to get along with. He is also exemplary at explaining orthodontic treatment and other options in a straightforward, simple and honest manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Brooke for all of your orthodontic needs.”

Tod Beaulne

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