Does Your Child Need Orthodontic


The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children should receive an orthodontic examination around age seven. Dr. Brooke will evaluate your child for tooth and jaw problems, and make recommendations regarding treatment options.


This occurs when the upper teeth are located too far in front of the lower teeth.


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw, causing the front lower teeth to overlap the front top teeth.


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth don’t come down slightly in front of the lower teeth as they should.


Crowding occurs when there isn’t enough space for the teeth to fit properly within the jaws. Signs of crowding are teeth that are twisted and displaced.

Excess spacing

This occurs when there is too much space in between the teeth, creating a gap.

Open bite

This occurs when some of the top and bottom teeth don’t meet when biting.

Dental Care for The Whole Family

Dr. Kelly Brooke, along with the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, recommends that children receive their first orthodontics screening by age seven. By this age, Dr. Brooke will be able to clearly recognize potential issues and correct them before they transform into more serious problems.


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A parents guide to orthodontics

Thinking about your child and whether orthodontic treatment might be needed at some point? You’ve come to the right place. Orthodontic treatment can be a very important part of your child’s oral health care. Teeth that work together make it possible to bite and chew properly, and contribute to clear speech. Teeth that function well tend to have a pleasing appearance. The beautiful smile that results from orthodontic treatment is the outward sign of good oral health and sets the stage for overall well-being.


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